Two spacious and multifunctional halls able to accommodate a myriad of activities

Two spacious halls
Our elegant and versatile halls will boost the impact of any event. The halls feature ample space to welcome banquets, receptions, stands, or anything else your activities require. Hall Place Riopelle and Hall Viger include a warm and multifunctional atmosphere.

Hall Place Riopelle
Walk into Hall Place Riopelle on the ground level and you'll be greeted by a unique and colourful ambiance. This striking space is connected to Montréal's underground pedestrian network, and acts as gateway to the Métro, bus terminals, and indoor parking. Perfect to welcome any congress, reception, or large exhibition!

Hall Viger
Located on the second floor of the Palais, Hall Viger's surface is 21,440 sq. ft. (1,992 m²) and can welcome 1,250 persons or 35 booths. A permanent information booth is set up in Hall Viger, while the Café Express or cloakroom can be made available if required.

Available services
A cloakroom is available in each hall. Located on level 1, the Security Operations Centre offers 24/7 services, including first aid and fire prevention.

A taste of nature
The Esplanade, an outdoor terrace directly accessible from Hall Viger, allows visitors to take a step outside into a gorgeous area where crab apple trees are planted. It gives locals and tourists alike a taste of nature surrounded by historic Chinatown.