Technical services

State-of-the-art equipment and qualified technical staff

Technical equipment: The Palais des congrès offers the latest in technology and lighting. Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and offer you the best solutions for a successful event, no matter how elaborate it is.

Technical staff: Handling specialized equipment requires specific skills, so we solely hire the most qualified people for your peace of mind. Which why we are extremely proud to have three ETCP certified entertainment rigging - arena as members of our technical crew. The ETCP Entertainment Technician Certification Program offers the only entertainment rigging - arena certification recognized in North America.

Electricity and plumbing

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Electricity: Our priority is to make sure the electrical installations at the Palais des congrès are safe and reliable. Our master electrician is in charge of connecting all the necessary electrical equipment and ensures that the appropriate Québec Electrical Code standards are constantly met.

Technical specifications: Electricity - 60 Hz, all forms of voltage

Plumbing: Rooms 210, 220, and 230 of the Exhibition level are designed with wiring/plumbing channels and ports stationed every 30 ft. (9 m) for the supply of water, drainage, and compressed air.

Technical specifications: Water and drainage - pressure at 75 psig or 520 kPa; Compressed air - standard pressure at 100 psig or 690 kPa


Lighting is essential in creating the proper atmosphere and to transform a room into an inspiring and unique space. We offer a broad range of services from lighting design to equipment installation. Our designers can add depth, texture, and colour to your events, particularly with the aid of intelligent lighting systems.