Customs clearance and handlingHelpful and reassuring services that save time

The Palais deals with exceptional collaborators, who are masters in customs brokerage, and transportation. By using their services, our clients avoid the risks involved in customs clearance and the handling of goods, and can focus all their energy on the success of their event.

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Customs brokerage and transportation

Our customs clearance and transportation service providers handle brokerage logistics.

By booking the services of a customs clearance supplier or broker, exhibitors and organizers can

  • have their international event accredited by the Canada Border Services Agency,
  • clear their event material with customs on site, and
  • enjoy fast and easy receiving and unloading.

Manutention Palais des congrès Montréal

Making way for efficiency

163 Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest (one-way eastbound)

  •  Sheltered wait station: can accommodate up to ten 53-ft. (16.15 m) delivery trucks
  • 15 unloading docks and 3 levelling docks to avoid delays
  • Freight elevators and forklifts available on demand
  • Access to 20,500 ft2 (1,905 m2) of storage space for the duration of your event (subject to availability)
  • Direct truck access to several showrooms 
  • A team of loading and unloading experts, as needed


Materials handling is a crucial and complex part of any event. To meet the many challenges involved with a space as vast as the Palais, we only work with the best of teams. Our supplier GDI Distinction makes a world of difference by taking responsibility for unloading, installing, and orchestrating the movement of goods and equipment, and ensuring the success of every event.

Handling services available from GDI Distinction

Delivery truck unloading

Forklift transportation of heavy equipment


Installation of lightweight items

Transportation of materials or furniture

Workspace configuration according to your specifications

Accueil Palais des congrès Montréal

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