AboutThe Palais: Space to reinvent yourself

Welcome to the Palais, the convention centre that combines the very best in experiential trends and knowhow with Montréal’s trademark creativity. Always at the service of international visitors looking for a unique and safe experience, the Palais promises unforgettable events and memories.

Palais des congrès Montréal

Resolutely turned towards the future

Located in the heart of a city known for its energy, joie de vivre and forward-thinking spirit, the Palais has been actively contributing to Montréal’s effervescence since Day One. Today, when people meet at the Palais, they come together in a carbon-neutral architectural masterpiece housing multipurpose facilities suitable for events of all sizes

Events in lockstep with the times

Sustainability is a core priority at the Palais, which is why we offer turnkey programs to help you reduce your event’s environmental footprint. We firmly believe events can have a positive social impact.

We also firmly believe that meetings beget big ideas. You can count on us being fully committed to the success of your event, and drawing from the very latest trends, practices and resources to get you there.

Fertile ground for innovation

The Palais is the ideal place to create the spectacular. With our Events Lab (home to the best from Montréal’s event industry) and our high-tech content-creation and production studios, you’ll be able to take advantage of all your digital opportunities by broadening the reach of your event on the most prominent platforms.

Représentant Palais des congrès Montréal

Work with the finest team

Choosing the Palais for your event means working with an experienced team that will help you achieve your objectives. We thrive on challenges!

Contact us >  By email at [email protected] or by phone at 514 871-8122 or 1 800 268-8122 (toll-free in Canada)