Carbon footprint offsetting - Montréal Convention Centre

Carbon offsettingMaking a difference by reducing and offsetting emissions

The Palais des congrès de Montréal is partnering with Planetair, a leader in climate change awareness and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions offsetting, to actively participate in reducing its impact on the environment.

The impact resulting from land and air travel is among the simplest to reduce, and the Palais is proud to offer effective tools to its visitors so that they too can reduce their ecological footprint.

Visiteurs en autobus Palais des congrès Montréal
Compensation carbone avion Palais des congrès Montréal

Offsetting is easy

How to offset your footprint in three steps

  • Enter your information, the calculator determines the GHG emissions 
  • Obtain the equivalent of your GHG emissions in carbon credits
  • Invest your credits in the project of your choice

Compensation carbone train Palais des congrès Montréal

Reduce first, then compensate

The Palais des congrès automatically helps reduce the carbon footprint of its visitors by being located in the heart of downtown and connected to the Place-d’Armes metro station.

It is also possible for visitors from out of town :

To reduce GHG emissions by following these simple recommendations : 

  • Favour the most direct route to minimize connections, take-offs and landings
  • Reduce the number of flights by optimizing the number of meetings at destination
  • Opt for economy class and the GHG benefits of its travel concentration
  • Take the train when travelling between cities
  • Encourage carpooling whenever possible
  • Plan your travel with public transit
  • Bring your own water bottle and reusable cup to reduce waste

Offsetting your GHG emissions with Planetair

Offsetting your GHG emissions, in whole or in part, is possible by investing in carbon reduction projects. By paying a third party to make a real and verifiable reduction in its own greenhouse gas emissions, it becomes possible to neutralize your own emissions, for a “carbon neutral” balance sheet. This offsetting takes place through the purchase of carbon credits. Each credit represents one ton of CO₂.

High quality and trustworthy carbon credits

Planetair offers the best credits on the voluntary carbon offsetting market. The Gold Standard, the strictest in terms of carbon emission reductions, requires that projects contribute to the sustainable development of the local community in addition to having an offsetting impact on climate.


Did you know? 

With its actions, environmental commitments, carbon-neutral building and adherence to the UN’s Sustainable Development Program, the Palais is one of the event industry leaders in organizing events that are mindful of their environmental impact.