The Palais launches POP, a brand-new program for non-profit organizations

Le Palais lance le POP, un tout nouveau programme destiné aux OBNL

Montréal, April 13, 2022 – The Palais des congrès de Montréal, in keeping with its focus on the community, is launching a brand-new program specially designed for non-profit organizations in the city. This initiative will allow non-profits that assist disadvantaged groups to access unused facilities at the Palais on a periodicbasis.

As well as supporting several sustainable development projects, the Palais regularly collaborates with actors from the worlds of the visual arts, music, entrepreneurship, and education. It was therefore a natural step for it to implement the “Palais Non-Profits Organizations Program” (POP) and open the door wide to this new set of partners.

POP: Making good use of existing resources

The Palais is blessed with great wealth in terms of square footage: it encompasses more than 100 spaces on its premises in the heart of downtown. While the facilities are generally at capacity, some of them wind up not being used from time to time. It is these spaces that the Palais will open up to non-profits that are eligible for the program.

At a time when urban spaces are few, and often inaccessible, the Palais is proud to play its part as an actor for social and community good, with concrete initiatives that welcome and support non-profit organizations.

How can organizations benefit from the program?

Interested organizations can find out whether they are eligible for support from the program by filling out the online application form. They can contact the Palais des congrès team with questions by emailing [email protected] or get more information by visiting the “Palais Non-Profit Organizations Program” page on the official Palais des congrès de Montréal website.


“The Palais des congrès is one of downtown Montréal’s essential organizations, and therefore needs to lead by example in terms of openness and accessibility to its community. With this new program, we are reaching out to partners who serve both diverse and disadvantaged clienteles. We are, in that sense, being true to our mission: to help bring social, intellectual and human benefits to Montréal and Québec.” – Emmanuelle Legault, CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal