The Palais’ optimization and location for events program (POLE)

In keeping with its community-oriented and business growth mindset, the Palais has developed a program specially designed for the events industry, one that will allow it to make unused facilities accessible to event planners.


Made for the events industry

The Palais des congrès de Montréal has a wonderful abundance of spaces: right in the heart of downtown Montreal, more than 100 facilities are available for rental for conventions, conferences, galas and meetings. The Palais Optimization and Location for Events (POLE) program could be your gateway to privileged access to these prime spaces right in the heart of the city! 

What are POLE’s objectives?

  • Establish the Palais as an indispensable partner for events in downtown Montreal;   
  • Optimize the Palais’ occupation rate by investing in the events industry;
  • Keep sustainable development at the heart of what we do, while supporting activities that yield major intellectual, social and economic benefits for the community..

What are POLE’s requirements for an event?

  • Optimize the Palais’ occupation rate through investment in events that have a potential to be repeat events;
  • Flexibility as to the projected date of the event;  
  • Creation of economic benefits for Montreal and for Quebec;  
  • Be a business development lever for the city’s economic and industrial sectors; 
  • Have a business plan that is well defined and achievable in the short or medium term;
  • Have an established and functional governance structure.