Ambassadors are entitled to strategic resources and privileges to help them attract and organize events at the Palais, and to support their advancement of Montréal and its convention centre with event planners worldwide.

Some of these privileges:

  • Access to the Ambassadors Lounge Where individuals involved with potential projects or with events in the planning phase can assemble. It can also be used for private Ambassador events. The Lounge is a unique meeting space with a superb view of Montréal. It includes a lounge, a private meeting room, and access to the terrace.
  • Recognition Award Gala – An invitation to the Recognition Award Gala where you can meet other Ambassadors, including those appointed during the ceremony. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Subscription to the Ambassador e-Newsletter, informing them on the latest n ews about the Palais and Club members.
  • Participation in VIP events with leading scientists and reprentatives from the major economic sectors of the metropolis.

The Parcours de la renommée walk of fame

parcoursTo highlight the contribution of Ambassadors, the Parcours de la renommée walk of fame was inaugurated in 2009. Its red stones are engraved with the names of major international conventions and their Ambassadors that have taken place at the Palais since 1983.