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The Palais is proud to join forces with Montréal businesses participating in its Events Lab to bring you this evening’s event.

Ambassadeurs Palais Gala 2022

A few extras from the Palais Events Lab

The Palais Events Lab brings together a select group of innovative Montréal companies. We’ve partnered with a few of them to create a unique experience for you this evening.

Made With Love

Tempting the eyes and taste buds, the art of the cocktail makes special events even more memorable. Made with Love is a Capital Traiteur partner of choice and will be serving your choice of two cocktails, with or without alcohol:

  • Yuzu Mojito (cocktail with alcohol)

Our cocktail creators have developed a flavour explosion by mixing mint and yuzu (some of the most refreshing flavours around) with white rum and lime.

  • Jardin botanique (Mocktail)

Reminiscent of a gentle stroll through a garden of complex scents and flavours, this non-alcoholic cocktail is an exquisite concoction of peach nectar, passion fruit, citrus, tea and honey.


Our evening’s artistic touch comes from Gallea, a purveyor of curator services to event organizers. Providing access to a network of 8,000 artists and 40,000 works of art, Gallea’s collection is inspired by the city, its cultures and its architecture. If a particular work interests you, you can even purchase it online.

Les Cabinets

Visiting the washroom opens up a whole new world, with customized furnishings and decorations, attentive host services, unrivalled cleanliness, curated olfactory and auditory environments, environmentally friendly products and personalized care. Les Cabinets provides a one-of-a-kind experience, transforming public and venue washrooms into places of well-being.