Washroom optimizationVisiting the washroom has never been so exciting

Les Cabinets is reinventing the washroom experience at corporate and public events in the name of individual well-being and public hygiene.

Une personne qui essuie le haut d'un lavabo circulaire et qui place du savon à mains liquide à côté d'un deuxième savon à mains liquide.

Les Cabinets

Les Cabinets transforms public and event washrooms with its tailored layouts and decorating, attentive host services, unrivalled cleanliness, curated olfactory and sonic environments, environmentally friendly products, and à la carte care services. These reinvented spaces are tip free, take the washroom experience to the next level, and provide a new vehicle for product and service placements for a range of sponsors.

Wish to know more about this passionately creative team and the amazing services they provide? Check out Les Cabinets in action.

Les Cabinets at PCMA Convening LeadersLes Cabinets at PCMA Convening Leaders

Les Cabinets at Expo Yoga

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