Training program on transforming events

Time to transform events

The events industry is among the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gathering restrictions, new health and safety imperatives, and ever-changing technologies are compelling the industry to step back and seize this moment to reinvent itself.

The Palais des congrès de Montréal wants to help shepherd you through the process of transforming your event. Which is why we have partnered with Yulism on an ambitious training program.

Focused on cohort-based learning and grouping together participants from different organizations, the six-week program includes:

  • Six sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours
  • 10 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Tangible tools
  • Relevant case studies
  • Workshops based on participant interaction

Since the beginning of the pandemic, event managers have been focusing on digital tools and platforms facilitating online event hosting. Now, whether we’re talking in-person, virtual or hybrid events, the time has come to shift the focus back to our objectives and reinvent ourselves systemically, not just technologically.

This training will cover everything participants need to reinvent themselves, so they may adapt to a new post-COVID world, but above all, be empowered to outright transform their events.

By the end of their training, participants will have been mentored and coactively taken part in:

  • Developing strategies aligning their event’s purpose with desired outcomes
  • Refreshing their event business model while finding new funding solutions
  • Focusing the experience factor on the human factor for all stakeholders involved (participants, collaborators, sponsors, partners, conference speakers)
  • Adapting operating tools and processes to the new post-COVID-19 environment

Week 1: Starting-up the cohort

  • Accurately defining the individual objectives of and reasons for transforming your event
  • Sharing the objectives in a cohort format and strengthening the spirit of cooperation

Week 2: Reinventing the premise for your event in order to develop strategies capable of aligning purpose with impact

  • Understanding and changing the behaviour and mindset of the stakeholders
  • (Re)defining the main reason and purpose for your event
  • Communicating a clear and compelling premise that will set your event apart
  • Measuring the success and impact of your event

Week 3: Reinventing your event’s business model in order to find new funding solutions

  • Understanding what constitutes a good business model
  • Determining value creation avenues for your participants and monetizing them
  • Involving your sponsors in ways that go beyond the usual recognition package and free square footage
  • Adding value to your messages: reaching, charming and persuading stakeholders

Week 4: Reinventing the experience journey and ensuring it is driven by the human factor for all event stakeholders

  • Understanding what makes experiences memorable
  • Conceptualizing the stakeholder experience
  • Designing the journey and amplifying the key moments that stir engagement

Week 5: Reinventing the planning and delivery of your event in order to properly adapt the operating tools and processes to a post-COVID-19 environment

  • Adapting the different facets of your event to the new health and safety standards
  • Responding and reacting appropriately to deliver a technically-sound event
  • Asking the right questions so you’ll pick the right digital platform
  • Rethinking your collaborative practices, tools and methods to boost the effectiveness of your event planning

Week 6: Cohort-based integrating

  • Consolidating what you’ve learned as a group
  • Identifying the next actions to be implemented
  • Sharing your goals for transforming your event