The Palais des congrès de Montréal partners with Entertain-AI, an international B2B community that brings together entertainment and artificial intelligence

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Montreal, August 26, 2021 The Palais des congrès de Montréal is proud to announce its partnership as co-producer with Entertain-AI (E-AI) upcoming event. Programming activities will take place in the city this fall, and the official launch will be held at the Palais des congrès in early 2022 during what promises to be a colourful event. As a codeveloper and business partner, the Palais is counting on this important collaboration to pursue its mission of promoting Montreal and its talents on the international scene.

E-AI: a new international B2B community powered by the meeting of the Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence ecosystems

E-AI is focused on business opportunities, international marketing and innovation for numerous sectors of the economy. Blending the Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence ecosystems, it seeks to build solid bridges between the two worlds by creating unique events and an intelligent platform for interaction, discussion and development for companies, experts and researchers from at least 20 countries and 30 cities around the world. ​

Its mission is to foster co-creation, collaborations and partnerships on artificial intelligence and entertainment applications, mutually and separately. The broad scope of the applications extends to the arts, culture, sports and entertainment in general. Businesses in the global economy can also benefit from these applications in education, environment, public administration, human resources, and operations – all of this is undertaken with an approach that respects people and their environment.

A fruitful co-creation meeting

During a co-creation meeting held on June 18, nearly 150 stakeholders from a dozen countries discussed the forms E-AI will take. These stimulating discussions confirmed the need for such a community to encourage collaborations, increase business prospects, facilitate international marketing, accelerate innovation and expand financing opportunities while improving the talent pool.

Through this international collaboration and the events that ensue, the co-producers hope to be instrumental in relaunching the city’s activities and its positioning on the international scene. In this way, the Palais seeks to reaffirm its role as an economic engine for Montreal and Quebec.

Continuing the transformation of the Palais

With this partnership, the Palais supports innovation and creation for the benefit of all. This collaboration with E-AI underlines its wish to codevelop business events central to our business ecosystem in Montreal and in Quebec.

The transformation of the Palais des congrès de Montréal has accelerated over the past year. This is borne out by its most recent achievements, notably the creation of seven studios under the Palais Média Propulsion initiative with its OASIS immersive spaces as well as Prism and its hybrid solutions. Creating an event such as the launch of E-AI is part of the Palais’s ongoing commitment to continuous innovation, keeping with a vision initiated in 2020 by MTL Reunion. That occasion showcased the Palais’s hybrid event planning services as well as its new PROGRESS health and safety protocol, developed according to the highest industry standards. The partnership with E-AI will also provide a competitive advantage by allowing the Palais to both stay abreast of and active in the latest developments in artificial intelligence and entertainment. In the coming years, the major events industry will evolve in a post-pandemic world that has undergone a metamorphosis. Faced with these new realities, E-AI opens the Palais’ offerings – a range of possibilities that will shine a spotlight on Montreal and Quebec talent.


“The Palais wishes to position itself as a vector for Montreal creativity by also getting involved in the event creation process. The launch of E-AI is a first in a series of events like MTL Reunion, which brought together people from the events industry, conferences and associations from all over the world.” Stephanie Lepage, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

“This partnership with the Palais des congrès is key to the development of E-AI. We’re able to rely on the expertise of their teams, and the relationship fits perfectly with our strategy of positioning and rapidly expanding the community at home and abroad. The reputation of the Palais and our complementary strengths can only help us spread the word.” Pierre Gauthier, Entertain-AI board member.

About the Palais des congrès de Montréal

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