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Canada's leader in exhibitions, special events, sales conferences, trade shows, and corporate events, GES Canada offers a full range services, including decoration, exhibition booths, rental of furniture, accessories and carpeting, signage, and event logistics.


The official supplier of the Palais des congrès, GES knows the installations inside-out and has a team of specialists that can meet the needs of all types of events. Recognized worldwide for the quality of its services, GES is ASTM and ISO 20121 certified.

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The decoration experience

“Collaboration with the experienced and organized GES team allowed us to come up with a unique concept of presenting this international event, with remarkable design and innovative use of the spaces. Exhibitors appreciated your floor plan design, making every single booth location a good location and generating up to 3 times more leads than other shows.”

Isabel Stengler, CMP
IS Event Solutions
World Biomaterials Congress