Science and industry

Tens of thousands of jobs in various high-tech industries

Focused on progress
Montréal is the R&D capital of Canada, renowned for its ability to foster innovation and creativity. Thanks to its 11 higher learning institutions, including four major universities, and 200 research centres, Montréal stands out as a beacon of scientific and industrial progress.

There are more than 230 companies operating in the aerospace industry in and around Montréal, accounting for approximately 40,000 jobs. Three major international aerospace organizations and several specialized training facilities, such as the Montréal Aerospace Trade School, have made Montréal one of the world’s leaders in this sector of activity.

Life sciences
The city is also home to approximately 620 organizations related to the life sciences and health technology sectors. It also ranks first in Canada for the number of contract research organizations (CROs), research centres, academic research funding, and university-based researchers. In all, 43,000 jobs are related to this field, including in neurology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and immunology.

Information and communication technology
Montréal has become a major leader in electronic gaming. It is now also a powerhouse in the North American technology industry, and is home to 5,000 companies who employ approximately 120,000 workers in this domain. It is a hub for companies related to the fields of bio-tech, multimedia, computer technology, thanks to its world-class training programs and institutions.

Clean technologies
Because Montréal is home to major academic and research institutions, the city has a strong emphasis on environmental research. For instance, the city has recently released the Plan de développement durable de la collectivité montréalaise 2010-2015, fixing environmental goals in order to become a leader in environmental sustainability.