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Much more than networkingBecause we all have knowledge to share

Braindate (e180) puts a whole new spin on networking with its “braindates,” one-on-one or small-group conversations at your event where participants share their knowledge on a selected topic.

Much more than networking with Braindate (e180)

Braindate (e180)

Every event offers opportunities to meet remarkable people and learn something new. But what’s the best way to spark genuine, rewarding conversations between participants meeting for the first time?

Braindate is a platform designed to make those meetings deeper and more meaningful, whether they’re one-on-one or as a group.

Conversation topics are posted by participants according to their interests in order to take full advantage of their collective knowledge and spark meaningful discussions. Meet new people, discover new ideas and share your own expertise: it’s a groundbreaking way to network by focusing on quality rather than quantity!

Why Braindate?

  1. Spark inspiring conversations and stock up on new ideas
  2. Share views and perspectives with your peers
  3. Capitalize on the expertise of knowledgeable participants and innovative ideas from newcomers
  4. Create customized learning experiences where participants choose the topics that interest them most
  5. Expand your network thanks to deeper, more memorable exchanges. It’s a whole new adventure!

Braindate Geneviève Ringuet

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