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On September 27, 2020, in an official update on the COVID-19 situation in the province, the government of Québec upgraded the alert for the city of Montréal to red, or high. This was accompanied by specific directives regarding gatherings. Here are the latest updates.

February 2, 2021

An announcement by the government of Québec is extending the red zone status for the city of Montréal until further notice. Any planned event that is not exempted by the following ministerial order, cannot take place until there's a change in the city's alert status.

A ministerial order from December 15, 2020 is now permitting gatherings for certain types of events in red zones. It is essential to specify that the authorization is for exceptional and very rare specific situations, when the gatherings are necessary for operational continuity of an organization and cannot be held virtually.

Qualifying types of events:

Gatherings of up to 250 people:

  • If within the framework of the mission of a community organization operating within the health or social services sector;
  • If essential to the continuation of activities for an educational institution, except any event-based or social activities;
  • If required for audiovisual productions or recordings/shoots.

Gatherings of up to 50 people:

  • If essential to the activities of a tribunal/judicial court, mediation proceedings, a government department or agency, or for a vote organized by a consular post or diplomatic mission, except any event-based or social activities.

Gatherings of up to 25 people:

  • If essential to the continuity of activities within the scope of the operations of a business or an association of employees, of professionals, of management employees, of senior executives or of employers, except any event-based or social activities

Social distancing rules apply, and the Palais’ is spaciously designed and configured to facilitate adherence to said rules.
Filming is also authorized, as are all activities in the Palais’ new studios.


We are monitoring the situation closely.

Start planning hosting events again at the Palais with total peace of mind thanks to PROGRESS, the Palais Reopening Operating Guide to Running Events with Safety Standards.

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