Capital Traiteur becomes Maestro Culinaire: A vision spanning gastronomic excellence, service with the human touch and sustainability

Capital traiteur devient Maestro Culinaire

Capital Traiteur, the Palais des congrès de Montréal’s exclusive food service provider since  2007, is now Maestro Culinaire. It’s a new name and a sophisticated rebrand for Québec’s convention catering leader since 1993

The new name Maestro Culinaire reflects the delicate arrangements that underscore the orchestration of each meticulously-prepared dish. Here, the baton is in the expert hands of people who are passionate about and devoted to their craft. “Maestro” signifies their mastery of the subject, whereas “Culinaire” speaks to the core of their compositions: food, their love of good cuisine and the art of eating well, and the movements that unite gastronomic tradition and modern creativity.

In the wake of 30+ years of gastronomic and service excellence, Maestro Culinaire continues to proudly entrench its operations in the values that still resonate today and which are deeply rooted in Québec’s rich culture. This passion for all things locally-grown is first and foremost reflected in the regional products they meticulously select, a process that helps drive the close collaboration they’ve forged with local producers handpicked for their responsible farming practices. Chef Simon Devost-Dulude – and his team – are steadfast in their commitment to honouring a cuisine that is authentic and seasonal. Which is why they only work with the best Québec-grown products. Every dish aims to showcase the longstanding local food culture.

Maestro Culinaire also works sustainably, always mindful of the environment. Responsible culinary practices are adopted in an effort to continually reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Maestro Culinaire runs a green operation that spans everything from buying locally to curbing food waste. The focus is on cuisine that fosters a more sustainable future.

Although Maestro Culinaire prides itself on a brand of cuisine that is reimagined, it continues to do business with loyal, dedicated partners that help it maintain the same level of excellence as always, both in the kitchen and at the table. The innovative convention caterer is spearheading a new movement in event cuisine, one where passion, a local mindset, and expertise intermingle in harmony to nurture a sustainably appetizing future for events hosted at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.


“We are uniting our love for local cuisine, the incomparable dedication of our team and our commitment to sustainability under our name, Maestro Culinaire. This is the very essence of the mission that we have been carrying out for 30 years, and it is now reflected in our image.” – Steve Tsatas, President of Maestro Culinaire

“Maestro Culinaire’s name change and rebrand adds a new flavour to our longstanding partnership. Together, we share an ongoing commitment toward local knowhow and sustainability. Thanks to its bold vision and gastronomic excellence, Maestro Culinaire will continue to be the perfect partner it has always been in helping us create unforgettable event experiences for Palais visitors.” – Emmanuelle Legault, CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal