Bold artistry

A spotlight for Québec artists
The Palais des congrès is proud to display artwork from Québec artists.

You’ll find artwork inside and outside the Palais, including paintings, sculptures, land art, a glass diptych, an audacious interior landscape, and even a sculpture by Jean-Paul Riopelle in a park next to the Palais.


Artwork in the Palais includes:


  • Translucide, a diptych by Jean-François Cantin, Michel Lemieux, and Victor Pilon, in tandem with Martin Leblanc of N.O.M.A.D.E., illustrates the vocation of the Palais as a place where people and ideas converge and interact, as exemplified by the face and hand that touch through the interplay of light and shadow.
  • AILES COULEUR DU TEMPS, NUAGE DE SOLEIL: This creation by Micheline Beauchemin has been a fixture on the ceiling of the Viger Lobby since 1984. Suspended from a trapeze of synthetic cables, it is composed of 7,000 polished silver aluminum rods extending in height from 4 to 20 feet (1,2-6 m) and measuring 38 feet long (11,5 m).


  • Claude Cormier's highly original and colourful Nature légère / Lipstick Forest, located near Hall Place Riopelle, features 52 pink coloured trees made of concrete. This surrealist installation produced by sculptors from the Aquanov Group is intended to reproduce the trees lining Montréal’s Park Avenue. This nod to nature living in harmony with the city’s centre was awarded the first prize in the landscape architecture category by the Institute of Design Montréal, and the second prize by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.
  • Facing the Palais is the Esplanade, a slab of concrete transformed into a magnificent garden where 31 crab apple trees planted in oval mounds intersect with cobblestone lanes so typical of Montréal. The crab apple is the city’s official tree, and in May they blossom into an explosion of pink!

List of artworks on display at the Palais des congrès de Montréal (in French) (PDF, 131Kb)