Up Close and Personal with Science
The Palais Public Conferences

The Future of Bees
September 10, 5:30 p.m.
Room 515

Bees provide honey and play a crucial role in pollinating wild plants and crops. But we’re hearing that they’re facing all kinds of problems! What’s happening exactly? What can be done? Uncover the secrets of bees with a research specialist in apiculture.

With Stephen Pernal, research scientist in charge of the Beaverlodge Experimental Farm, Agriculture Canada, and scientific coordinator of the Apimondia 2019 Congress.


Up Close and Personal with Science are a series public conferences organized in partnership with the Déclic Centre which specializes in the conduct of talks designed to be interactive. A scientist and a science communicator fill you in on the state of knowledge, without any jargon or equations, using simple explanations that everyone can understand.