Carle Pomerleau - Montréal Convention Centre

Carle Pomerleau

Director of Finance and Procurement

Carle Pomerleau Palais des congrès Montréal

Carle Pomerleau has been putting his experience and expertise at the service of the Palais des congrès since March 2020, overseeing the management committee’s finances and procurement. Carle has a considerable background in government corporations, including as manager of finances and accounting and as acting director of finances and accounting at the Société de la Place des Arts de Montréal. He also has extensive auditing and accounting management experience, which he acquired through tenures at an accounting firm, the Québec Bar, and the Mouvement québécois de la qualité.

The holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration, Carle’s range of roles and duties has also made him vastly skilled and experienced in the management of financial, human and IT resources. He is widely regarded as an engaged leader and collaborator, for his rigour, motivational skills, ability to adapt, and for being deeply customer service minded. In his capacity as Director, his focus is on maximizing how work is organized, identifying efficient management strategies, issuing recommendations, initiating changes, and coordinating and guaranteeing their rollout in a dynamic manner, together with his team.