RECHARGER/Unwind: A sensory walk that feels good

Montréal, October 6, 2021 – Canada’s biggest indoor immersive attraction, OASIS immersion, created by Québec entrepreneurs and permanently housed inside the Palais des congrès de Montréal, is launching its new exhibit, RECHARGER/Unwind, on October 7. A stunning imaginary world awaits visitors looking to reenergize. RECHARGER/Unwind delivers a totally immersive experience through 10 works by some of Québec’s and the world’s most prominent digital artists, resulting in a stimulating yet soothing sensory walkthrough experience that is positively regenerative.

Simulated ecosystems, sublimation science and flowery poetry

The programming for OASIS immersion’s second exhibit is bold, featuring artists from here and abroad whose innovative generative art has been elevating the language of the immersive experience and producing visual and aural universes that are the stuff of fascination.

RECHARGER/Unwind is above all a sensory walk that will do you good. The programming includes original works as well as works that have been adapted to the venue’s optimal conditions for presenting highly immersive experiences. We’re very proud to offer visitors the chance to discover the creative vision of these artists, whose art speaks to us and stays with us a long time,explains Denys Lavigne, CEO, executive creative director and cofounder of OASIS immersion.

Simulated ecosystems, sublimation science and flowery poetry, technology fusing with organic matter, acid fractals, a tribute to tidal e-motion… it’s a whole new stimulating sensory universe for the imagination charged with positivity that begins today with these 10-invigorating works:

Core by Adrien M & Claire B (France)

Floralia by Sabrina Ratté (Canada)

Migration by Ruban Mauve (Canada)

Journey by Nohlab (Turkey)

Frozen Music by Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules / Michael Gary Dean (Canada)

Horizon by Alex Le Guillou (France)

Flow by Maotik (France)

The Quiet Pond by Odaibe (Poland)

Recursive Reflections by Julius Horsthuis (Netherlands)

New Land by Alex Le Guillou (France)

“These 10 works have been deliberately sequenced to match, by their content, the states the visitors should be in during the stages of their walkthrough,” reveals Johnny Ranger, co-creative director.

As if suspended in time

As we inch closer to normality after more than a year of uncertainty and stress, the programming has been designed to be experienced as if suspended in time and through the senses to leave you feeling good,” explains Nicolas Lassonde, COO, executive content advisor and cofounder of OASIS immersion.

The walkthrough itself reflects this desire to combine the immersive medium with the wellbeing of people. Staging elements have been added to enhance the visitor experience.

The RECHARGER/Unwind walkthrough revolves around three states of being:

  • RELAXED: this first immersive room plunges visitors into sensory territory focused on relaxation and letting go.
  • STIMULATED: the purpose of this room is stimulation via an energy-packed light and sound experience! 
  • RECONNECTED: the largest of the OASIS immersion rooms, it forms the cornerstone of the end experience the exhibit aspires toward: delivering to visitors, who after having fully immersed themselves in relaxation and disconnected from the outside world, the uplifting experience of reconnecting with themselves, nature and social interaction.

After a break at the OASIS coffee lounge or the exhibit gift shop, visitors cap off their walkthrough along the Decompression Corridor, for one final sound-light-olfactory experience, always in keeping with the theme of the exhibit.

This new exhibit conceived by the OASIS immersion team was made possible thanks to the valuable contribution of Julie Castonguay, Ruby-Maude Rioux, Darius Rabby, Jean-Pascal Dumoulin-Comeau, Stéphane Bastien, Christine Ng, William Teissier, Guylaine Dempsey and Mélanie Gomes-Martel. The RECHARGER/Unwind project team also includes Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, as curator and staging consultant, and the following collaborators: Alicia Hush, Alexandre Michael, Charlie Leroy, Dexter Crowe, Joseph Fiola, Rafaelle Mackay, Ramya Memmi, Yanneek, Marelle Communications, studio Caserne, Numérart, iLLogika, 20K, AGO Communications and Exo-C.

Wellbeing benefits

In addition to the exhibit, OASIS immersion, La Piscine and RE-AK are joining forces to study the impact of immersion on stress and anxiety associated with going back to work. This research project, which will be carried out over several months under the name Vitamine Immersive (immersive vitamin), will be unveiled during the 5th edition of HUB Montréal, this October 13.

Health and safety measures, and planning your experience

OASIS immersion hosts walkthrough exhibitions driven by 105 laser projectors and 119 surround sound speakers. The experience includes three immersive rooms featuring 360-degree projections – walls and floors, two light experiences, a gift shop and a coffee lounge.

By virtue of its size and the design of the exhibition, OASIS immersion fosters social distancing and allows for a contactless visit, in a very well ventilated space. For the safety of visitors and staff, OASIS immersion has put in place health and safety measures that are in accordance with government rules and in line with the Palais Reopening Operating Guide to Running Events with Safety Standards (PROGRESS).

Visitors should allow themselves approximately 75 minutes to fully experience the exhibit. Departures with limited places will be available every 20 minutes, Ticket prices range from $19 to $25. Tickets are on sale on the or websites. Gift tickets may also be purchased on or

The OASIS immersion project and RECHARGER/Unwind exhibit were made possible thanks to the support of strategic partners such as the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec, Investissement Québec, the Palais des congrès de Montréal and Tourisme Montréal.