Parcours Novaré: a personalised support programme for Montréal entrepreneurs

Le parcours Novaré

Parcours Novaré, a one-year leadership programme that helps managers take charge of their company’s growth, has opened its second class to 30 new entrepreneurs looking to reach their growth targets and hone their management style.

Developed and led by École des entrepreneurs du Québec, Parcours Novaré offers comprehensive support with four specific objectives: developing team leaders, boosting operational efficiency, establishing a concrete action plan to implement a vision, and forging stronger ties with the business ecosystem.

Designed to resolve development issues for SMEs, often left in poor shape after the pandemic, Parcours Novaré is a great opportunity for managers to improve their company and realise its full potential. With topical classes related to current issues, including mental health, digital transformation and collaborative leadership, entrepreneurs will acquire essential knowledge to lead their companies in meaningful and effective ways.

Personalised support

Parcours Novaré not only offers training sessions: it also uses an innovative approach that offers personalised support to address the challenges faced by each participant. The programme also encourages experience sharing, with co-development and networking activities to forge valuable connections between managers. With an extensive network of experts committed to their success, the participants will receive helpful advice and concrete solutions to overcome their company’s specific challenges.

Previously known as Parcours Innovation, one of the city’s top business programmes since 2015, Parcours Novaré is the ideal tool for entrepreneurs looking to achieve their growth objectives.

Application deadline: 23 November 2023
Details and eligibility criteria at