Palais Mural Panaché montréalais Honoured with an Award

Delphine Meier, Panaché montréalais (2022)

The Palais des congrès’ artistic flair is getting noticed! Artist Delphine Meier recently took home an Applied Arts Award in the Illustration category for her mural Panaché montréalais. Adorning the Saint-François-Xavier passageway at the Palais, this colourful and eclectic work depicts characters that embody Montréal and accompany the thousands of visitors who pass through the corridor every day. With this mural, the Palais des congrès sets the tone for a mall oozing with Montréal style and personality, right in the heart of the city!

Each figure represents a facet of Montréal and its wide assortment of activities: sipping a take-out coffee while strolling through the Plateau or Saint-Henri, cycling or skateboarding, playing hockey, hanging out with the squirrels at Parc du Mont-Royal and even getting around our iconic orange traffic cones!

Delphine Meier, Panaché montréalais (2022)

Delphine Meier
Panaché montréalais (2022) 
Print on vinyl

These numerous details—all loving nods to our city—make Panaché montréalais a charming fresco that puts a smile on the faces of everyone passing by, from morning workers to conference-goers on their lunch break.

In her own words, Delphine Meier’s work is “an inclusive mural that captures the life of the city and its inhabitants.” It’s clear that artistic intent caught the attention of the 15 jury members of the 2023 Applied Arts Awards!