Palais des congrès de Montréal rebranding reflects evolving vision

The Palais des congrès de Montréal is unveiling today a major rebrand more in line with its new strategic vision. It is the culmination of a rigorous process undertaken in fall 2019, after the firm BrandBourg won the tender to handle the brand makeover.

A new vision in place

This renewal is in keeping with the winds of change that have sweeping through the Palais since Robert Mercure took over as CEO in September 2018. In a matter a months, the Palais asserted itself as a leading “advocate for Montréal creativity” by ramping up its involvement in promising partnerships and innovative initiatives.

Major changes to the Palais’ offering

Among the forward-thinking examples that have come to define the Palais’ brand locally and internationally, are its events lab housing local innovative startups, and its Palais Média Propulsion podcast and video studio enabling event organizers to create compelling digital content.

A global situation that will radically change the industry

Midway through its rebranding process, the Palais had to also factor in the COVID-19 pandemic that was hitting the events industry hard. As a result, a lot of thought was given to the health and safety considerations that will play a bigger role in influencing the choice of a host venue.

A consultative process

The logo and its derivatives are the product of introspection, reflection and discussions that were at the core of the workshops attended by the Palais’ main stakeholders. The visual design was developed with the involvement and input of employees, partners, suppliers, and members from the city’s artistic and business communities. The purpose of this consultative approach: to heed the concerns of the many in order to create a singular unifying identity that resonates locally while representing the Palais internationally.

Bringing vector space to life

The new logo developed by BrandBourg revolves around one central idea: vector space. Briefly defined as a collection rooted in a structure that makes it possible to create combinations, this core concept speaks to the new vision of the Palais, but also to the rallying power of the venue as a meeting point for ideas.

A logo in motion

Just like the effervescence that fuels the Palais, the rebrand was intended from the get-to to convey motion, as it will be streamed on the Palais displays and other digital platforms. In its original form, the colourful hexagon calls to mind agility and innovation. It can also be interpreted as a location pin, reflecting the Palais’ stature as a premier host destination among international associations. In addition, so the range of subjects covered at the Palais are well represented, the icon alternately morphs into six different attributes: innovation, creativity, inspiration, possibilities, transformation and intelligence.

The new branding of the Palais des congrès de Montréal will be gradually rolled out in the coming months, as event activities resume.

The message emanating from the rebranding is clear: the Palais des congrès de Montréal is helping lead the revolution in the events industry. In addition to giving organizers room to reinvent their event, we are promising them inspiring, totally memorable experiences that are classic Montréal.

Robert Mercure
Président-directeur général du Palais des congrès de Montréal

The Palais’ new vision played a central role in the rebranding process. What emerged from this truly collaborative and concerted exercise involving BrandBourg and the Palais’ various stakeholders, is a living, mutable, digitally-forward new brand identity that will serve to broaden the reach of the Palais’ boldly innovative character and the rollout of its reimagined offering. The new slogan, “Reinvent yourself” frees up the role of the Palais and stretches its scope beyond the physical boundaries of the building, while also conveying the brand promise in an engaging way.

Lynne Gagnon
Vice-présidente, stratégie et conseil, BrandBourg