Our eco-conditionality policy, tailor-made for your sustainable events

Politique d’écoconditionnalité : un atout pour les événements d’affaires

Did you know that event organizers can avail themselves of ÉcoPalais, the Palais’ eco-conditionality policy? It offers discounts of up to 10 % (on rent, for example) for clients  that take tangible action on sustainability when holding an event at the Palais. Whether it be hiring a Green Team, organizing waste sorting, or choosing eco-responsible corporate gifts, organizers can work with a Palais group that has developed a real expertise on how to organize sustainable events. To find out more, see our eco-conditionality web page.

Numerous local players bolster Montréal as a green host city through tangible, sustainable actions. Tourisme Montréal, one of the Palais’ prime partners, has in that spirit launched its Sustainable Destination Strategy, which will secure Montréal’s status as an exemplary tourist destination, one that has a positive impact on its local community and on the environment.

Vue du Mont Royal. People looking at Montreal cityscape in autumn. Crédits A&J Fotos.

A climate conditionality policy serving sustainable events

2023 will already see both the Salon de l’immigration et de l’intégration au Québec and Propulsion Québec, with its International Summit on Electric and Smart Transportation, reaping the benefits of the ÉcoPalais Policy. And there’s excitement and interest brewing long-term as well: current predictions estimate that over the next six years, the policy will add more than $500,000 in potential investments to Montréal’s sustainability ecosystem.

Also, events that use the Palais’ event greening services could bring an additional $230 million in economic benefits in the coming years, on top of the social and intellectual impacts they will generate.

A policy and services emerging as cornerstones of sustainable business tourism.