Montréal tops 2022 ICCA rankings 


Montréal, May 25, 2023 – For the seventh year in a row, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has ranked Montréal as the top host destination for international association events in North America. 

After the months of uncertainty that have affected the business tourism and event industries, 2022 saw an undeniable upswing in international conventions in Montréal. In total, 56 events and 41,656 international delegates were hosted at the Palais des congrès de Montréal and in the city’s hotels and universities, putting Montréal at the top of the ICCA’s prestigious ranking. Worldwide, Montréal ranked 14th for the number of attendees hosted, and 24th for the number of events. With this enviable result, the city outperformed other destinations such as Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Chicago, Mexico City, Tokyo, Glasgow and Zurich.

The secret to this success has been the close collaboration between Tourisme Montréal, the Palais des congrès de Montréal and the entire business tourism ecosystem. The expertise, creativity and professionalism of their teams have led to innovative and dynamic solutions that help elevate the city’s profile. After hosting several major events, including the 104th Lions Clubs International Annual Convention, AIDS 2022 – the 24th International AIDS Conference, the International Cybersecurity Forum (the first in North America) and the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15), Tourisme Montréal and the Palais des congrès are not only proud to be maximising economic spinoffs, but also producing social and intellectual benefits that bolster the city’s reputation, promote its unique strengths and contribute to societal advancement.


“I am extremely proud of Montréal’s repeated success, as it continues to stand out as a major international host city for a seventh straight year! This accomplishment is yet further evidence of our city’s excellence, as well as the distinctive signature it brings to the world market for association events. I would like to thank all of our people at the Palais des congrès and Tourisme Montréal, whose teamwork, expertise and passion are essential to our success and the city’s reputation.” Emmanuelle Legault, President and CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal 

“This ranking reflects the exceptional talent of our teams at the Palais des congrès and Tourisme Montréal, who continue to exceed expectations—something we can all be proud of. The hundreds of conventions that are hosted every year not only benefit the city’s direct economy, but also contribute to expanding the academic knowledge of our universities and researchers. This ranking is a well-deserved tribute for all our hard work, and strengthens our reputation as an industry leader.”  Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal