IMPULSION: the International Summit on Electric and Smart Transportation proves to be a great success

The IMPULSION event, organized by Propulsion Québec, the cluster for electric and smart transportation (EST), was a tremendous success. During the three-day gathering, more than 1,300 participants from Europe, North America and Asia travelled to the Palais to attend 40 conferences and workshops on the challenges of sustainable mobility.

Discussions during the event centred on potential solutions to transition toward new transportation methods more suitable to society’s environmental challenges.

Every aspect of sustainable mobility—electrification, decarbonization, social innovation—was dissected and discussed by experts from around the world.

Strengthening Québec’s global position in the EST industry

With more than 70 exhibitors, the international EST summit showcased new technologies in the field of green transportation, and enabled more than 850 B2B meetings between professionals, decision-makers and major industry players.

The event was also an opportunity for Quebec to highlight prominent industry figures and consolidate its global leadership role in the EST sector. The presence of seven ministers as well as numerous Quebec and international elected officials showcased the vitality of the sector, as well as the province’s commitment to promoting its expertise internationally.

In line with the Palais’ Eco-conditionality policy, Propulsion Québec set up a Green Team and made the event eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing it to obtain BNQ certification after calculating its GHG emissions. Supported in part by the Palais Optimization and Location for Events (POLE) program, this will be a repeat event at the Palais over the coming years.

Discover our exclusive interviews to learn more about sustainable mobility (English subtitles available):

Prof. Catherine Morency
Professor at Polytechnique Montréal, holder of two research chairs on transportation and vice-president of the Ambassadors Club of the Palais des congrès

Geneviève Latour
Vice-President, Public Affairs, Marketing, Events and International Partnerships
Propulsion Québec