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Biometrics and artificial intelligence at your serviceA whole new way to measure the customer journey

RE-AK Technologies is reinventing the way that participant satisfaction and the emotions generated by events are measured. Using biometrics and artificial intelligence opens the door to new types of information and a whole new set of results.

RE-AK Technologies

The event industry is in the midst of a major transformation, and making a fully recovery depends on creating exceptional experiences. Their promise: to help you rediscover the pleasure of getting together and attending events.

RE-AK Technologies has built solid expertise in evaluating human experiences through cognitive and emotional analytics.

Using these data, RE-AK Technologies is able to:

  1. Help you understand visitor expectations
  2. Let your exhibitors know how they’re performing compared to expectations
  3. Position sponsors optimally in your niche, backed by facts and figures
  4. Guide you through the strategic decision-making process to help you carve out a place on the event scene


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