Event technologies

After completing a sweeping IT modernization project, the Palais des congrès de Montréal now offers organizers a vast range of event technologies capable of propelling their events to new heights and to boost their sponsorship revenue. Our specialists will guide you through the process of picking the services best suited to your event.



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Unequalled telecommunications services

Since quality communications are central to any event, we operate a robust and dependable infrastructure that delivers speeds that match your needs. Mor than 500 access points render the Palais a wall-to-wall wi-fi zone, which means you can access high-speed internet anywhere on our premises.

We also offer: a fibre optic network, telephony services, connections for credit card transactions, and multimedia conference rooms (teleconferencing, videoconferencing, webcasts).

Free Wi-Fi
Most people need to be connected at all times wherever they are at the Palais. And when it’s free, it’s even better! Event visitors and participants at the Palais can enjoy free wi-fi along the Galeries du Palais shopping concourse, on Level 1. Simply join “Free zone gratuite Palais” from your list of available networks on your mobile device.

Pay-as-you-go wireless internet package
Need wi-fi everywhere in the Palais? Select the pay-as-you-go wireless internet package and enjoy 24h wi-fi access! Simply join “Palais des congrès” from your list of available networks on your mobile device.

Fibre optics
Available Palais-wide with a 10 Gb/s bandwith.

Thanks to the MTL WiFi service, delegated now enjoy free high speed WiFi connection in a large zone surrounding the Palais, including in Old Montréal. This deployment will gradually expand to include other areas such as the entertainment and business districts.

Digital Display Opportunities

An array of exceptional high definition (HD) screens that are picture perfect for advertising your event and generating revenues from your sponsors. Our 90 HD 55” (140 cm) screens and our 90 sq. ft. (8.5 m2) video wall, provide you with a unique way to showcase and promote your event, but also an excellent opportunity to generate more money for your event through the reselling of ad spaces to sponsors. Our rates ensure you will enjoy an attractive ROI unlike anywhere else!

Flexible and capable of handling last-minute changes, our screens feature remarkable picture quality, and they’re a greener way to inform your participants and promote your event than print literature.

The location of the video wall in the busiest area of the Palais, near the metro exit, delivers a level of visibility that is thoroughly priceless, reaching both people visiting the Palais and regular commuters.

Mobile event app

The Palais is proud to have partnered with global IT leader CGI to offer a mobile event app you can configure to suit your needs.

This fully customizable app will enable your participants to enhance their experience at the event thanks to an intuitive and collaborative interface. Nothing short of a digital extension of your brand, it is also long on features.

For example, a digital schedule updatable in real time with links to plans of the event rooms, backgrounders on the speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, and solutions you can tap into to create interest-based social networks or sell advertising/sponsorship opportunities to generate extra revenue.

The app designed by CGI delivers unparalleled features that simplify the lives of users and organizers!

And because it’s by CGI, you can count on the app being robust, flexible and optimized to accommodate your needs. CGI has also developed a comprehensive array of digital event solutions to help you manage your operations during your event and year round.

To learn more, contact a CGI representative at 1 888 789-6055 or app@congresmtl.com

E-commerce client portal

Access our client portal to order your services

Organizing a consumer or trade show and wish to make the planning process for your exhibitors as effortless as possible? Our client portal, the only one of its kind in Canada, will simplify their lives by streamlining and accelerating the booking of Palais products and services. They’ll be able to order everything online, at no extra charge.

The portal will also keep your exhibitors informed and updated on the latest developments pertaining to your event, entitle them to preferred rates and exclusive offers, and be a constant source of professional advice from the Palais team assigned to your event.

Designed to be an extension of the personalized customer service we provide, the client portal will deliver a level of exhibitor support more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Telephony and intercommunications

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Phones and analog lines are available for any use of fax, modem or payments by credit cards. Interphones strategically stationed in the venue’s common areas and also in some rooms will keep you in constant communication with the members of your organizing team throughout the event.

Boost your sponsorship revenue right here thanks to our powerful event technologies.

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