Montréal is Canada’s largest university city

One city, 11 universities, 170,000 students. The Greater Montréal region has the highest number of university students per capita among all metropolitan areas in North America. It even ranks higher than Boston, the intellectual capital of the U.S. Here is a snapshot of a city of higher learning, driven by tradition and passion.

There are over 170,000 people enrolled in the 11 universities in the Greater Montréal area. That’s a big student population… Add the students in college and vocational schools, and the number rockets to nearly 350,000 students.

Among the most popular programs, science, management and social science accounted for 70% of enrolment in the Greater Montréal area’s universities in 2007. Hi-tech fields drew 15% of university students, i.e. over 27,000 students.

Greater Montréal enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of its education, attracting 15,000 foreign students, more than any other university in Canada, especially in graduate and post-graduate studies.

For businesses, this high concentration of students means being able to draw on a generous pool of qualified, multicultural, multilingual labour. In fact, Greater Montréal is home to Canada’s most bilingual population, with two million people able to communicate freely in both of Canada’s official languages (French and English), which represents more than half the total population of Greater Montréal. The most bilingual and the most trilingual, with nearly 20% of the population fluent in at least three languages.

The universities’ contribution to Québec’s development and the creativity, productivity and innovation they generate were underscored during the inaugural Rendez-vous du Savoir forum on higher learning hosted last October by the Palais des congrès de Montréal, in collaboration with its partners.

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