The first recipients of the Ambassadors’ Club – FRQ awards unveiled

On November 28, 2016, the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) and Chief Scientist Rémi Quirion convened almost 50 researchers, heads of research centres, university faculty representatives and members of the Ambassadors’ Club to the forum on International awards: A boost for scientific recognition. This second edition of the forum focused on the different ways researchers can promote their work within the scientific community, most notably via scientific awards and organizing major scientific conventions.

The forum was also when the first recipients of the Palais des congrès de Montréal Ambassadors’ Club – Fonds de recherche du Québec grants were unveiled, recognizing the work of researchers invested in organizing international scientific conventions. The grants were awarded to:

  • Gaétan Laroche and Diego Mantovani of Université Laval, in collaboration with Sophie Lerouge of École de technologie supérieure – 10th World Biomaterials Congress Grant presented by the Fonds de recherche – Nature et technologies

crédit: FRQ

  • Jean-Marie Dufour of McGill University – 11th World Congress of the Econometric Society Grant presented by the Fonds de recherche – Société et culture

crédit: FRQ

  • Pierre Talbot of INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier –Congress of the International Union of Microbiological Societies Grant presented by the Fonds de recherche – Santé

crédit: FRQ

Congratulations to the recipients!

For more information on the awards, visit the FRQ website.


photo credits: FRQ


Nutcracker Market: Thousands of gift ideas

From November 24 to December 4, 2016, the Galeries du Palais is hosting the 7th Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal Nutcracker Market.

This year, even more exhibitors will be contributing to the Nutcracker Fund for Children by donating 10% of their sales to the Fund, that’s on top of the event’s proceeds, which also go to the Fund.


The shopping mall is lined with thousands of gift ideas handpicked – and even handmade – by the local artisans and merchants onsite.

Admission is free. See for operating hours.


The SoSIAL program: great benefits for the community

Since 2001, the Palais has been hosting the Montréal edition of the SIAL International Food and Beverage Tradeshow, a biannual event. The 10 editions held at the Palais welcomed 120,000 participants and generated more than $108 M in tourism revenues.

In April 2016, the organizers of the event launched SoSIAL, an original program aimed at reducing food waste and training future chefs. The way it works is that chefs and students cook all leftover items from shows and donate them to two community organizations: Moisson Montréal and Tablée des chefs. It’s a simple idea that is making a huge difference in the community!

Watch the interview with the program’s spokesperson, Guillaume Cantin, chef and winner of the first season of the Radio-Canada show, Les Chefs.


Tips for exhibitors

Successful exhibitions depend upon promoters engaging their exhibitors and rendering their participation as productive as possible. This means exhibitors need to prepare in advance to make the most of their involvement in a consumer or trade show. Two articles on the subject caught our eye, and we encourage you to read them for some fresh ideas.

First, this La Presse article (in French) provides an interesting overview of the preparation required to take part in a show. It talks about targeting the right show, and the importance of planning and scheduling so you have enough time to do things properly and maximize your chances of success.

Second, Exhibition Newsfeed lists 7 ways to maximize your exhibition budget. Designing and building a booth you can reuse, prepping your team adequately, and emphasizing the use digital promotional material that will save you considerable money without diluting the impact.


Meet Alan!

The latest member of the Palais family! A few months ago, Alan Mikhail joined the Palais Event Management team as Associate Director of Business Solutions and Event Technologies. His role consists of shepherding customers through the process of using the Palais’ event technologies, like audiovisual, the internet and digital displays. This ultimately means that promoters and organizers get advice on how to monetize these technologies, on the advertising opportunities they represent, and on the personalized packages available. We urge all organizers of events confirmed at the Palais to meet with Alan. You’ll be amazed by the revenue opportunities and the options at your disposal, which will turn your event into a resounding success!


Happy 25th Anniversary, APEQ!

APEQ turns 25… The Palais hosted the first meeting of the association’s board of directors in 1991, and our terrace was the venue where they celebrated their 25th anniversary! Throughout all these years, the leaders and members of APEQ worked avidly to grow the exhibition industry in Québec, and in the process, contributed to the economic and cultural development of the province.

And the beat goes on! APEQ continues to be active through their education programs, their magazine and their networking activities. Says Claude Noël, Business Development Manager for the Palais des congrès and a member of the APEQ’s board of directors: “With their passion and their knowledge, the colleagues from this pioneering association in our industry are a source of inspiration and motivation for us all. I value being able to interact with all the members of APEQ, learn to get to know them and work together to offer the exhibitors and public taking part in our events the very best.”

You can learn more about APEQ by visiting the evening gala’s website.


Ticketpro’s new and improved offering

The Palais des congrès de Montréal and Ticketpro signed a new agreement that will see the latter handle all of the box office and access control services for events held at the Palais. This will result in better quality control and even greater reliability. Palais clients will have real-time access to their event’s sales reports, which will improve the quality of their post-event reviews and strategic decision-making.

Proud of their collaboration which began in 2014, the partners will continue to maximize the visibility of consumer shows on their various platforms, in order drive higher turnouts. In short, simplified management for organizers and a smooth experience for visitors!


The Électrobac at the Palais: a simple way to get rid of e-waste

The Électrobac bin located in our shopping mall on Level 1 is for recycling outdated or non-functional electronics. An EPRA-Québec-authorized drop-off point, all electronics collected here are redirected to companies that are certified to recycle the items safely, securely and responsibly in compliance with Canadian standards.

The bin accepts a wide variety of small electronic devices, including cellular phones, cameras, MP3 players, ink cartridges, computer peripherals and chargers of every kind, among other items. To see the complete list, visit

Electronic waste often contains lead, mercury and other substances that are of concern for the ecosystem. Recycling as much electronic waste as possible is a simple way to help preserve the environment. electrobac2

In 2015, more than 1,400 small electronic devices filled the bin, representing 110 kg of e-waste.

Did you know?
If you are looking to get rid of larger electronics, such as computers, laptops, monitors and TVs, bring them to an EPRA-Québec-authorized drop-off point. To find the drop-off point closest to you, visit


2017 Recognition Award Gala: Save the date!

gala 2016
The next Palais des congrès de Montréal Recognition Award Gala will take place on March 16, 2017 under the theme “Vive 375″. As we do every year, we will celebrate the excellence and international reputation of our dynamic city. Also, tomorrow’s leaders will once again be featured during the presentation of the Fonds de recherche du Québec Star Student Research awards by Dr. Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Québec.

Always a must-attend event on the Québec tourism industry calendar, the 2017 Recognition Award Gala will pay tribute to individuals who actively took part in attracting several international conventions to the Palais for the coming years. These events will draw thousands of delegates to Montréal, and thus generate significant intellectual benefits and tourism revenue for the city and the province.

Save the date and check our future newsletters for details!


New Ambassadors inducted into Palais walk of fame


The Palais des congrès Parcours de la renommée walk of fame is a timeline paved with red stones tracing the exceptional contribution of leading experts who are passionate about their field and promoting Montréal and the Palais internationally as a first-rate destination for international conventions.

The red stones are engraved with the names of major international conventions and the Ambassadors who played a key and active role in attracting them to Montréal so their involvement may be indelibly etched forever.

Since 1983, over 1,000 events and 300 Ambassadors have been immortalized on the Parcours de la renommée. The Palais added 17 conventions and 14 Ambassadors for 2014 and 2015, and we wish to thank them for their dedicated work.

Michèle Marcotte

Dr Michel Gagner

Pr Louis T. J. Delbaere

Pr Stéphane Paquin

Pr Guy Lachapelle

Pr Wagdi Habashi

Pr Pierre Talbot

André Leclerc

Dr Michel Béland

Pr Jean-Marie Dufour

Pr Ferri Hassani

Dr François Audibert

Dr Jacques Corcos

Dr Hany Moustapha

The usual special care was given to the engraving of their names on the walk of fame on September 30.