July 2019

Robert Mercure
A word from Robert Mercure
President and CEO

Dear Ambassador,

Your Palais is in the midst of a transformation! Winter and spring buzzed with activity, pledges and new enriching partnerships that reflected the Palais’ desire to focus attention on Montréal creativity and innovation, and in the process shine the spotlight on the city’s artistic, scientific and business talent. More than ever before, we are playing an active role in dynamizing Montréal and tangibly adding to its appeal for organizers who choose our city and its convention centre for their major events. Our motto: Create unforgettable moments and experiences!

Among the pledges we’ve embraced and value dearly is our ongoing pursuit of sustainability, for which we’ve announced numerous initiatives: joining the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an international framework that will form the foundation for our many sustainability actions; making our building carbon neutral; supporting the Bourse du carbone Scol’ERE program and its awareness raising efforts in Montréal elementary schools; setting up a new carbon offsets program for our customers; creating a Sustainability Innovation Committee made up of experts from 10 Québec universities, an initiative we are very proud of.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and reading about what you can expect the next time you visit the Palais!


A new committee to foster greater sustainability knowledge

The Palais recently set up the Sustainability Innovation Committee, a group of experts in the field from 10 Québec universities. These specialists and researchers will help drive the sharing of knowledge pertaining to sustainable development and nurture opportunities for the Palais to create new research partnerships. The latest brick to be added to our efforts to build the convention centre of tomorrow.

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Prof. Hany Moustapha invites you to the very first International Innovation 4.0 Forum

In November 2019, the Palais will host the first ever International Innovation 4.0 Forum, and who better than Prof. Hany Moustapha, President of the Ambassadors Club and Director of the Innovation 4.0 Hub, to extend you an invitation to attend! The event will bring together researchers, practitioners and members from various business sectors affected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Forum will deliver a wealth of information on the internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data and all of the technological developments associated with these.

Visit the Innovation 4.0 Network website

What’s new with our Ambassadors

We are pleased to salute the recognitions and appointments earned by our Ambassadors Club members.

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Montréal: #1 host city in the Americas for international events

The Union of International Association’s (UIA) prominent rankings for 2018 have Montréal topping the list of cities in the Americas for number of international conferences held, for a second year in a row. The city’s appeal has enabled it to host 108 events, to finish ahead of cities such as New York, Washington, Buenos Aires and Toronto.

Overall, Montréal hosted 50% of the events held in Canada’s big cities!

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The Palais’ 35+ years of driving the city’s vitality

We urge you to view our infographic charting a host of interesting, fun and informative figures on the Palais. A creative way to learn about its history and achievements. A lot has happened since 1983… and the Ambassadors have been at the centre of all the effervescence!

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