May 2018


This special issue of The Ambassador is an opportunity to briefly review our activities midway through our current action plan.

A Word From the President
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The Club’s dynamic energy, and that of its members, combined with the vital cooperation of the Palais team, makes it possible to attract and host major events that generate remarkable benefits. For 2017-18, 48 conventions were confirmed in total; events we will be holding in the coming years. Overall, this translates into more than 112,000 participants who will be coming to Montréal and a priceless amount of intellectual wealth! When we consider that almost 60% of these benefits stem from international conferences, it becomes abundantly clear that we must continue to get involved.

The Club has its sights set on the future more than ever before, and everything has been put in place to bring the city’s best and brightest from every field on board, and have them join the adventure of leading a bid for an international conference. My objectives as President of the Club include working with emerging Ambassadors and nurturing ties with leaders from the city’s key economic sectors. Follow the latest news on the Club to learn more.

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Prof. Hany Moustapha


A dynamic club that showcases its members

In addition to advocating for its members, the Ambassadors Club schedules activities aimed at strengthening the bond between the Club and its membership...

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A new image

After 33 years, the Club’s image is getting a makeover. The new logo is designed to clearly project the distinctive character of the select group of people who make up the Club and the level of support Ambassadors can expect throughout the process of bidding for and winning an international conference.

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Creation of the Multisector Strategic Taskforce

The Palais recently announced the rollout of a Multisector Strategic Taskforce, whose members will represent eight of the city’s economic sectors 

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Solidly positioned globally

In addition to welcoming over 11 million leisure and business tourists every year, Montréal has been topping the list of North American host cities for international conferences since 2011.

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