August 2015
L'Ambassadeur - Bulletin du Club des Ambassadeurs

Pavel Hamet stays on as president of the Ambassadors Club; Hany Moustapha becomes the Club’s vice-president

As per their 2015-2019 action plan, the Ambassadors Club’s leadership is going to be handled a little differently moving forward in an effort to continue to energize the Club’s operations and attract new Ambassadors and local champions.

For starters, the Club’s action plan calls for Dr. Pavel Hamet’s mandate as president of the Ambassadors Club to be extended to March 2017. His active leadership style, his ideas and his exemplary collaboration foster the kind of thinking we need on the type of actions to deploy. Dr. Hamet was also instrumental in drafting the Action Plan that will be rolled out in the coming years.

Secondly, the Club’s president will have the support of a vice-president, now that Professor Hany Moustapha, Emeritus Ambassador and founding member of the Aerospace Major Events Committee, has been appointed to the newly created position. A professor at and director of AÉROÉTS, a group that represents the ETS school of engineering’s teaching and research activities in the field of aerospace, Dr. Moustapha helped attract at least two editions of the ASME Turbo Expo convention to Montréal, including the most recent one in June 2015.

He has been actively involved in the Ambassadors Club since 2006, primarily via the creation of the Aerospace Major Events Committee, which brings together leaders of Montréal’s aerospace community tasked with raising the city’s global profile as an aerospace hub and premier host city for international aerospace events, and to provide these events with the necessary organizational support.

One of Dr, Moustapha’s first mandates as the Club’s vice-president will be creating new committees for young influencers while pursuing his support of the new Aerospace Succession Subcommittee, a group of young individuals currently working tirelessly with influential members of the industry to give added value to the conventions being held at the Palais. The Subcommittee is also responsible for determining initiatives that will enable the Aerospace Major Events Committee to enjoy maximum recognition as a valuable asset for attracting major conventions. The Subcommittee is an incubator of new ideas and gives young professionals the opportunity to interact with decision-makers. For the Palais, it is also a source of potential future Ambassadors.

With these two seasoned professionals at the helm, the Ambassadors Club will be rolling out the new action plan with twice the zeal and enthusiasm!

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