An unrivaled range of revenue opportunities

The vast array of event technologies will enable you to generate revenue thanks to new sponsorship opportunities.



Attendees are always looking for free Wi-Fi. Give your gold sponsor the chance to provide this much needed service while gaining exceptional exposure and brand-awareness on the login page.

Our Wi-Fi event package comes with 4 exclusive ad spaces that delegates will see each time they access the Wi-Fi service. Premium visibility for your sponsor, a premium revenue boost for you.


An array of high-quality HD screens that are picture-perfect for generating revenue from your sponsors.

Our network of 90 vibrant 55-inch HD screens, including a 90 sq. ft. video wall, provides a new way to reach attendees and an excellent opportunity to generate more event revenue through the reselling of ad spaces to sponsors. Our rates ensure superior ROI you won’t find anywhere else!

Each content unit will be displayed in rotation 200 times every 8 hours in high-traffic areas of the convention centre,
so your sponsors enjoy excellent visibility -- and you will enjoy lots of new sponsorship revenue streams.

Allowing exhibitors to order services for their booths and pay online, our brand-new e-commerce portal speeds up the booking process and also offers prime advertising spaces for your sponsors. Give them the chance to associate their brand with a very convenient tool that simplifies exhibitors’ planning.


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