Range of technological services

State-of-the-art technology
The Palais des congrès and its official supplier, Encore Canada, will provide you with an extraordinary and thorough audiovisual experience for your conventions, exhibitions, tradeshows, and corporate events.

No matter the size of your event, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive range of audiovisual services, including technical support and the option to rent audio, video, and computer equipment.

  • Projection
  • Sound
  • Lighting and Interior decoration
  • Multi-microphone discussion system
  • Interactive response system
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Video
  • Videoconferencing
  • Webcasting



Encore Canada always uses cutting-edge technology. Such as:

  • The ability to use your digital tablet (such as an iPad or Android) instead of a laptop for presentations
  • Slides and graphics projected in high-definition (HD)
  • Projection of computer data (i.e.: Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi)
  • The latest LED display screens delivering nearly twice the resolution of any other display system on the market
  • Widescreen projection and multiple screen configurations so your content can be viewed by as many participants as possible
  • ImaginActionTM immersive multimedia technology for dynamic presentations
  • Managing your presentations and digital content by uploading the files prior to your presentation to a secure website and routing the automatically to the appropriate meeting rooms, minimizing the use of USB keys and the chance of lost files


Every Palais room is equipped with powerful first-rate sound systems for your videos, conferences, booths, or concerts. We deliver concert-quality sound, tailored sound design and installation services, as well as packages adapted to each application. We only use cutting-edge technology, such as digital consoles and professional microphones.

Lighting and Interior decoration

Lighting: We can create lighting solutions personalized to your needs. Most of our lighting equipment uses energy-efficient LED lamps.

Interior decoration: Our interior decoration department can create any atmosphere by combining different materials. For instance, we can use white drape illuminated by coloured lights or set up a space designed specifically for your event. Whatever your needs may be, our creative team of experts will meet them.

Multi-microphone discussion system

Organizing an event where all participants need a microphone? The Digimic discussion system offers great flexibility for conferences in either a boardroom or U-shape configuration.

Interactive response system

To help you poll your audience, large or small, we’ll provide you with an efficient response system that is quick and easy to use. TurningPoint is an interactive response system that will let you keep track of your audience’s response in real time. Thanks to a special keypad, participants can push a button and their responses will be immediately displayed. This tool is particularly effective to heighten or intensify discussions.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation makes hosting international events easier. Thanks to this service, delegates can listen to speeches or debates in their own languages and we can even suggest interpreters for your event. Our portable systems are available for smaller groups and include wireless infrared or radio frequency receivers.


Our video systems allow for high-quality broadcast-type productions and give you access to professional video functions and a range of giant screen projection formats.


Our high-tech equipment will make organizing a videoconference with partners, employees, and clients located in other cities and countries easy. You may use our videoconferencing equipment in any room of the Palais. It allows for station-to-station or multi-station links and facilitates the broadcast of your conferences on giant screens.


Want to broadcast your event live on the web to reach a wide audience and attract more visitors? Ask about our webcasting solutions. Webcasting can be a very useful way to boost your message and attendance objectives. While you talk, participants can see your PowerPoint presentation and interact with you by sending you their questions or verbally asking them during allotted question periods.

An interesting solution for all types of occasions:

  • Presenting financial statements to investors
  • Meetings for sales or marketing teams working in different cities
  • Audience that can attend a live conference from a distance

In certain cases webcasting can be a good alternative to videoconferencing, especially if you have a limited budget or participants don’t have access to videoconferencing technology.