Palais reopening operating Guide to Running Events with safety standards


Ready to welcome you!

Since 1983, the Palais des congrès has been a cornerstone of economic and intellectual activity for the province, and among the leading convention and exhibition centres in the world.

Because we are an AIPC Gold Quality Standards centre, we enjoy the highest quality certification the industry has to offer. We therefore make it a point of honour to provide our users with safe, top quality event spaces and a level of customer service that exceeds expectations.

Although gatherings have been put on hold because of COVID-19, our teams at the Palais have been working non-stop so you could continue to benefit from their expertise in order to foster returning to business swiftly, responsibly and with renewed purpose.

More details on COVID-19’s impact on the Palais’ operations.


Supporting your reopening efforts through new health measures and innovative services that will allow you to hold events in compliance with the standards in effect to ensure a safe environment.

A rigorous process focused on safety

Faced with a global crisis that is forcing everyone to rethink how we do things, we’ve responded with PROGRESS:, le the Palais Reopening Operating Guide to Running Events with Safety Standards..

This guide and the measures in place are based on the directives issued by the government of Québec, and more specifically, on the recommendations from the province’s public health institute, which is responsible for determining the measures to be applied in various settings where community transmission could occur. The guide and the measures will ultimately be approved by both the government and the institute.

Your health and safety are our absolute priority

Learn about our turnkey solutions devised in accordance with the highest hygiene standards and social distancing measures, while ensuring participants have a positive and safe experience.

Overview of new measures in place



A secure, safe greeting process

  • All events at the Palais can enjoy a centralized system, at no extra charge, for greeting participants and visitors the
    moment they arrive, complete with check points and health measures.
  • This system fosters a level of flow that enables individuals to transit quickly to their event rooms, thus preventing large gatherings in greeting areas.
  • Event areas are limited solely to visitors who have been accredited and checked.
  • We schedule staggered arrival times for different events held simultaneously.
  • In keeping with public area practices, we require participants to wear masks.
  • Palais staff who are in contact with users must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) where warranted by their roles and duties, as per the directives of the province’s public health agency and workplace safety board.
  • All employees will receive mandatory training on recommended PPE usage.



A contactless environment

  • The Palais is working with organizers to facilitate the implementation of registration solutions predicated on electronic tickets and nametags printable at home.
  • Online ticket purchasing constitutes the option of choice for consumer shows.
  • Cash payments is making way for contactless payment options.
  • All transactional spaces, registration counters and information desks have been outfitted with protective screens.



A considerate approach to communicating the protocols

  • So you may properly prepare participants, we will send you a kit detailing the appropriate arrival protocol and health protocol.
  • We stepped up our signage at the Palais entrance points and event rooms’ entrance areas promoting hand hygiene and breathing etiquette.
  • We set up floor and wall markers (stickers, lines, cones, wood barriers) in sensitive areas, indicating the 2-metre social distance to be maintained.
  • Our vigilant greeters will be at their trademark watchful best and stationed at all the different event points welcoming and directing participants.
  • A patrol will be assigned to reminding participants about the protocols and how to apply them, thus ensuring the safety directives are being adhered to and everyone is behaving responsibly.



Event spaces housing the highest standards of cleanliness

  • Our housekeeping services reflect this new era of cleaning and maintenance, combining disinfection and sanitizing for occupant safety.
  • When the Palais reopened, the premises underwent a thorough cleaning and disinfection.
  • We carry out a daily disinfection of all surfaces used in event spaces. The process includes using a ByoPlanet certified electrostatic spray system.
  • The frequent cleaning of contact surfaces has become a new norm.
  • Observing hand hygiene has been further abetted by the presence of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance of each room and at high traffic areas, plus additional handwashing stations.
  • Our high performance ventilation systems is subjected to an efficient preventive maintenance program, and filters are being replaced regularly.
  • We are using a one-step hospital grade disinfectant cleaner based on AHP® (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology to deliver fast and enhanced results, and that is ideal for a wide range of applications.



New turnkey formulas for event rooms

  • To foster governmental 2-metre social distancing directives and the practice of minimizing the number of individuals simultaneously working in enclosed spaces, meeting rooms are set up in advance and equipped with the appropriate audiovisual gear by our official provider ENCORE, in accordance with their MeetSAFE program.
  • We’ve redesigned our venue floor plans and their guest capacity, and our event planning teams will work together with you on devising possible configurations. Preset traffic flows, crowd management, arrow system for aisles, dedicated entrances/exits, greeting/escorting plan for speakers – we will provide guidance for all of these options.
  • Encore and GES have joined forces and their expertise so you may add virtual components that will enhance your meetings or shows, using the very latest hybrid event concepts. Our hybrid solutions will make it possible for your live in-person event to also be attended by a virtual audience in real time.
  • The management of the loading area, the logistics of inbound and outbound merchandise, the protocol surrounding the arrival of exhibitors – these have all been reviewed under the microscope so everything is handled under optimal health and safety conditions.



Food and beverage revamped

  • Capital Catering have concocted new menus for the reopening, adapted to the situation, but as flavourful and as comforting as ever.
  • Buffets are suspended for now, but we have a wide range of compostable meal boxes available, and also offer an adapted plated service as well as delectable express lunch alternatives.
  • Everything is prepared in a kitchen that adheres to Ecosure food safety and public health standards, developed by Ecolab, the global leader in food sanitation and safety.
  • Strict hygiene and health rules are being enforced on a continuous basis, enabling us to exceed the Québec department of agriculture, fisheries and food’s COVID-related requirements.
  • All procedures for the kitchen and service staff will be reviewed and ratified by public health experts associated with the ITHQ hospitality management institute.
  • We will make our supply chain even safer and will give preference to local growers and producers who help drive Québec’s economy.


Since the situation is constantly evolving, we will continue to optimize our guide and measures so they are always in line with governmental directives and public agency recommendations. We are counting on your cooperation and thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

Our objective will always be making sure your participants and guests have a positive and safe experience at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.