Palais Média Propulsion

Broaden the reach of your event and take advantage of digital opportunities!

So you can take your event beyond the walls of the Palais des congrès, we are proud to offer you Palais Média Propulsion: some high-tech video and podcast studios for creating compelling digital content!

Our studios are run by a creative team adept at determining your needs and dedicated to communicating your mission during your event. Palais Média Propulsion offers myriad possibilities:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Live recordings
  • Clips and posts specifically for social media

Spaces equipped for professional recordings
State-of-the-art spaces that deliver top quality productions worthy of your event.

The Prism

This mini studio for three people is ideal for interviews or panels with people associated with your event.

Audio - Podcasts
Minimum 1 hour reservation

  • Space rental + technical crew member: $200/hour
  • Audio editor: $90/hour
  • Audio director: $150/hour

Video - Webcasts
Minimum rate 2 hours

  • Space rental + 2 technical crew member: $1,000/hour
  • Video editor: $150/hour
  • Stage manager: $90/hour*
  • Video director: $300/hour

*The use of a stage manager is mandatory.

The Studio 520

This full-fledged studio with an audience capacity of 50 people is modeled after some of the biggest television studios in the industry, and it can even be personalized to reflect your event’s brand, e.g. logos, themes, colours.

Turnkey service from $10,000 per event
Services included

  • Rent
  • Setup / Dismantling
  • Technical equipment provided by ENCORE
    • 2 robotic cameras
    • 1 camera with operator
    • 3 floor monitors
    • Comprehensive webcasting and videoconferencing capabilities*
    • Standard accent lighting for webcasts
  • Technical crew (sound, video, cameraman, stage management) provided by ENCORE
    • 1 hour prepping
    • 4 hours operations (filming and webcasting)
  • 100 Mbps (wired connection)
  • WiFi for participants
  • 100 Amp panel
  • Set furniture for accommodating 14 people and up
  • Audience bleachers with 36-person seated capacity

Optional services

  • Webcast platform
  • Preproduction, set décor and graphic design production
  • Remote support for participants (helpdesk or participant guide)
  • Customization of set furniture, layout and display of logo in front of stage by GES Canada (starting at $1,000)

Studio 520 plan

* Licence for webcast platform extra

©GES Canada

Consult our experts

Tell us about your objectives and we’ll tell you how the studio can help you achieve them!
For a quote or guidance, please contact us at 514 871-5850 (toll-free 1 800 268-8122) or email us at

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President and CEO
Palais des congrès de Montréal

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Strategic Alliances and Sales Support Business Development

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