Palais Média Propulsion

To ensure everyone enjoys optimal exposure both on site and on social media, the Palais des congrès is proud to present Palais Média Propulsion — a high-tech digital studio run by a creative team dedicated to getting your message out, promoting your activities, and communicating your mission during your event.


Interview with Robert Mercure
President and CEO
Palais des congrès de Montréal

(in French)

Interview with Danielle M. Roy
Strategic Alliances and Sales Support Business Development

(in French)

Name of product or service
Palais Média Propulsion

Summary of the product or service
A multiplatform exchange and dissemination studio to create a communication pole allowing the Palais and its community to be able to exchange and transmit knowledge through modern platforms.

Words that speak
Words hand-picked to be inclusive, engaging, and exciting. Messages that are sharp, evocative, and clear. Strategic use of possessive pronouns and calls to action that strengthen the sense of belonging. This same spirit guides our client offering. A succinct presentation that gets straight to the point so that our partners see the opportunity to enrich their shareable content and promote their brand image on social media as well as at the event venue, the Palais.

Looks that appeal
Content will be designed featuring attractive images of Montréal and the Palais. Special attention will be paid to overall look and feel—in podcasts, pop-up studio interviews, and live streams. The result is a recurring visual environment that can be adapted to different events. Screens inside and outside the studios will display a world specific to each event. Everything is designed to engage and appeal, while at the same time showcasing Montréal, the Palais, and our partners.

The right tone and language
News that’s always fresh! We present an image that’s polished yet authentic and natural. For example, a scrolling news feed could be displayed during interviews. When video content plays, on-screen content summaries will ensure audiences know what they’re watching, even when audio isn’t available.

A full range of services
Palais Média Propulsion offers myriad possibilities:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Live recordings
  • Clips and posts specifically for social media