Organik Corporate Health

Want to schedule a health component into your event? Our “wellness brokers” can leverage a network of experts to help you make it happen.

An innovative service
Conferences can now set an innovative standard by giving participants the opportunity to stay healthy over the course of the event. Welcome to an entirely new concept just emerging on the market.

Name of product or service
Wellness Brokers

Summary of the product or service
Moving, breathing, stretching. Simple, fast, accessible and effective ways for participants to re-energize and reconnect. Because feeling better helps people come together.
Which is why Organik Corporate Health provides an array of services focused on health: group classes, conferences, workshops, massages, one-on-one consultations, health breaks and Organik Experiences (5 à sweat, Re:set, Re:cette).

Detailed description of the product or service
Re:charge : Get an energy boost naturally in only 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Breathe, move, dynamic and static stretches, in your work clothes – no need to change.

Pop-up Studio/Gym : Choose from a variety of disciplines, including yoga, Pilates, tai chi, boot camp, dance, Zumba, HIIT, boxing, Essentrics, meditation, walk or run club, etc.

Group Activities

Daybreaker : Celebrate mornings and start your day brimming with positive energy! DJ, yoga, energizing movements and wakeup dancing.

5 à Sweat, Re:set, Re:cette : Try some intensive training, collective unwinding or group cooking, followed by non-alcoholic cocktails.

A Montréal firm OOrganik Best Health is a Montréal company. We are Montréalers at the core. Our network of experts is Montréal-based. Our Organik Experiences division creates unforgettable health and wellness events for the Montréal population at large. Our next Organik Experience, jointly produced with the Palais des congrès, is titled #MTLmindset (#MTLattitude) to promote the positive vibe of #MTL. We hope it will spark a conversation about proactive solutions for the numerous problems we are facing both individually and collectively as proud citizens of Montréal. #thinkglobalactlocal

We also design Organik’s Be Wear line of clothing. Or next collection will focus on the theme #BEMTL.