The Palais and its Lab make the list!

The Palais team is pleased to be among the 25 Event Venues and Destinations to Watch in 2018, a report published by EventMB.

Intended to help event planners discover and choose new event destinations and locations, this tool showcases venues and cities that lead the competition in certain rising trends, e.g.  human friendliness, newness and newsworthiness, and all-inclusiveness.

The Palais tops the list in the sustainability trend, and for its Urban Agriculture Lab, which has become the main showcase for experimentation and promotion of urban farming technologies and techniques in Québec. Launched in 2010, this initiative aimed a greening the Palais rooftop spaces spans 4 segments:

  • Culti-VERT, technology-driven container gardening on green rooftops
  • VERTical, urban vertical farming on scaffolds
  • Pollinating bee hives
  • Urban vineyard, Canada’s first urban rooftop vineyard


The Palais is proud of its Urban Agriculture Lab, winner of the prestigious AIPC Innovation Award presented by the International Association of Convention Centres.

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