The Électrobac at the Palais: a simple way to get rid of e-waste

The Électrobac bin located in our shopping mall on Level 1 is for recycling outdated or non-functional electronics. An EPRA-Québec-authorized drop-off point, all electronics collected here are redirected to companies that are certified to recycle the items safely, securely and responsibly in compliance with Canadian standards.

The bin accepts a wide variety of small electronic devices, including cellular phones, cameras, MP3 players, ink cartridges, computer peripherals and chargers of every kind, among other items. To see the complete list, visit

Electronic waste often contains lead, mercury and other substances that are of concern for the ecosystem. Recycling as much electronic waste as possible is a simple way to help preserve the environment. electrobac2

In 2015, more than 1,400 small electronic devices filled the bin, representing 110 kg of e-waste.

Did you know?
If you are looking to get rid of larger electronics, such as computers, laptops, monitors and TVs, bring them to an EPRA-Québec-authorized drop-off point. To find the drop-off point closest to you, visit