Sustainable development and the Palais, an unshakeable union!

Sustainability at the Palais is a process that is at once rigorous yet straightforward. We are meticulous about the action plans and policies we draft to preserve and perpetuate our commitment, but we also make sure we focus on actions that are in line with our operations and that our employees can get passionate about!

PrintOur Sustainable Development Policy and Sustainability Action Plan constitute the cornerstones of our process. Responsible, determined and engaged, the Palais des congrès de Montréal team shares the concerns of citizens who recognize the importance of getting involved personally and collectively. We must fundamentally behave sustainably, now more than ever, and this is something that is clearly reflected in our action plan. Green events, employee training, energy-saving measures, recycled waste management, certifications, urban agriculture, social and community involvement – just some of the areas the Palais and its employees are involved in.

In 2016, the Palais adopted a new Responsible Procurement Policy, aimed at rendering the Palais’ staff, partners and suppliers increasingly aware of the importance of consuming, producing and purchasing responsibly. That same year, we were certified a Level 1 ASTM 2015 Venue by iCompli Sustainability. The ASTM standard is the first in North America to establish performance criteria for sustainable practices and responsible management systems for tourism stakeholders in the meetings sector.


Flagship project: Urban Agriculture Lab
In 2016, the Palais des congrès de Montréal unveiled its Urban Agriculture Lab, thus becoming the main showcase in Québec for experimenting with and advocating for urban farming technologies and techniques. This innovative project, focused on greening the rooftops of the Palais while experimenting with sustainability initiatives, has given a second vocation to our 31,500 sf of rooftops. The Palais Urban Agriculture Lab includes:

  • Culti-VERT, our technological showcase for green roofs and container gardening;
  • Three (3) pollinating beehives; and
  • VERTical, our most recent urban agriculture project, driven by new vertical farming technology that is based on free-standing structures equipped with experimental wall tarps.

The Palais active in the community
The social component of our process is predicated on tangible actions and community support, such as donating surplus food to Maison du Père, “Journée Coup de pouce” wherein our employees devote one IMG_0996workday to helping local organizations, or Action Médiation, an outreach program that fosters a system of cohabitation between downtown Montréal tourists and the homeless. The Palais also helps promote Québec culture, especially via the Montréal Public Art portal and the “Art souterrain” festival.

The momentum we began generating nearly 15 years ago is paying dividends. From how we design them to how they’re executed, our new methods are thriving and the Palais continues to implement innovative initiatives that significantly contribute to sustainable development.