Reputable customer service!

With a customer satisfaction rate consistently nearing 90% year after year, the Palais des congrès de Montréal can be proud of the service and support it provides all of its customers.

Our customers know they can always count on a dedicated, creative and flexible team focused on their success, and this is evidenced in the volume of feedback we receive from organizers about the service we deliver. Because of our attention to every detail, and especially the way we handle last-minute situations, we are unrelenting about meeting our customers’ expectations.

Receiving favourable feedback and comments from event organizers is one thing, but from their guest speakers is another. This happens rarely for convention centres, making it that much more special as it truly demonstrates the extent to which customer service is part of our employees’ DNA.

Here’s what they’re saying:

« The staff I interacted with at Palais des congrès de Montreal during the QPAT Convention were a pleasure to work with. I worked primarily with the men who were on-site in the room where my speech took place. I also interacted at times with your staff situated around the facility – such as those who helped greet and guide me. They were all professional & respectful, while also being down-to-earth and kind. They also were very good at what they do. I appreciate their knowledge, their help and their efforts to make me feel welcomed at such a special event. On a personal level, this was my first trip to Montreal. Your team added to the wonderful first impression I received of this extraordinary place. More than anything, I just wanted to say Thank You. »


Greg Forbes Siegman
Keynote Speaker – Keynote Speaker, QPAT Convention

While she was at the Palais (Autumn 2013), Monique Leroux of Desjardins Group said:

“Mr. Bourque would always greet us with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Welcome,’ and would say something special to each one of us. I liked that he made eye contact with you. He always seemed to be around, here and there, every time I’d visit the Palais. True, you fondly remember the venue per se and how naturally bright the Palais is, but above all, it’s the people who make the most lasting impression.”


Monique Leroux
President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group
Desjardins Group AGM