Montréal Public Art

The Palais des congrès de Montréal is pleased to take part in the city’s initiative to make public art a component of Montréal’s brand, for both leisure and business tourists. The portal, which went live October 8, 2015, features over 600 works of art across the Montréal territory the public can find in parks, metro stations or public buildings. The goal is to present 1,000 works of art, showcase the artists and put together theme-based tours and discovery packages.

Some of the works can found at the Palais des congrès, including:

Translucide, by Jean-François Cantin

translucide cr.G.L'Heureux light
(photo by Guy L’Heureux)

Éolienne V, by Charles Daudelin

eolienne V (2)

Lipstick Forest, by Claude Cormier and associates


Aile couleur du temps, nuage de soleil, by Micheline Beauchemin

ailes couleur

Over and above the collections exhibited in the city’s various museums, Montréal enjoys a rich and diversified public cultural heritage from all types of artists. One of the reasons why Montréal is so lively and dynamic.