Hany Moustapha takes over presidency of Ambassadors Club

Dr. Pavel Hamet’s successor at the helm of the Ambassadors Club will be Professor Hany Moustapha. The Club’s Vice-President since July 2015 and an active member for several years, Prof. Moustapha is an Emeritus Ambassador and a founding member of the Aerospace Major Events Committee.

H.MoustaphaFull professor and director of AÉROÉTS, the branch of the ÉTS school of engineering responsible for aerospace education and research, Prof. Moustapha helped bring two ASME Turbo Expo conventions to Montréal, in addition to being instrumental in the creation of the Aerospace Major Events Committee, which groups together experts from the industry’s key players in Montréal tasked with promoting the city’s immense potential worldwide, and to also provide all the necessary support required to organize international aerospace events.

The winner of multiple prestigious awards, including the James C. Floyd Award for his exceptional contribution to aerospace research, technology and policy in Canada, Prof. Moustapha is a Knight of the National Order of Québec and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Ryerson University.