@GreaterMTL and its Ambassadors Network

Like many of the world’s major cities, Montréal International wants to raise the international profile, competitiveness and prosperity of Greater Montréal, and it is rallying legions of people who love the city to play an active role.

In September 2014, Montréal international assembled 15 partners, including the Palais des congrès de Montréal, for an initiative aimed at promoting Montréal’s successes on social media. Mostly shared on Twitter under the hashtag @GreaterMTL, these stories showcase the expertise, knowhow and talent that make the city so attractive to work and do business in.

The initiative’s second phase was recently unveiled during i see mtl. It is called the Ambassadors Network of Greater Montréal, and it brings together people who live and breathe Greater Montréal and are willing to actively shine the spotlight on the city’s achievements for all the world to see. Even if the name of the project is similar to the terminology of the Palais’ Ambassadors club, it is important to know that it does not specifically intended to confirm new events. While the Palais’ Ambassadors Club works to attract major conventions to Montréal, the Ambassadors Network of Greater Montréal focuses on spreading the word on the city’s success stories. Two groups of ambassadors complementing each other!

Anyone who has a deep love for Greater Montréal, who loves learning about its successes and sharing them with others, is urged to contact the Ambassadors Network of Greater Montréal. Someone like you, perhaps?