Some amazing installations at Les Printemps du Palais

Creating unforgettable moments and experiences is at the core of the Palais des congrès de Montréal’s new vision. Les Printemps du Palais, this lineup of all-local art-and design-driven experiences jointly put together with MASSIVart, meets this objective 100%.

Alongside the ephemeral works and public living spaces being presented, the Palais has also added a series of new installations intended to stir interaction and energize its common areas.

Public pianos with a Montréal touch  

In order to add a touch of ambiance to the shopping mall, the Palais has installed public pianos that everyone is free to use. Whether you play professionally or for fun, you can pull up a piano bench and entertain passersby, who will welcome the experience of shopping to the sounds of local musicians.

Committed to showcasing local creatives, the Palais asked three Montréal artists to personalize the appearance of the pianos with something unique. Despite pianos making for an unusual canvas, artists La Charbonne, Cyndie Belhumeur and Maylee Keo let their imaginations roam free, resulting in an impressively symbiotic interplay between the visual arts and music.

Inspiring self-serve libraries

You can now share your love of books with thousands of local and foreign visitors via our self-serve libraries. The premise is simple, and it is growing increasingly popular: you simply bring in any book and swap it for another. Since the Palais hosts tourists from all over the world, you can be sure the books will be travelling quite a bit! The libraries act like a trading floor of ideas and discoveries, helping to fulfill the Palais’ mission on a daily basis. These fun facilities tailor built for the Palais by Labodeco can be found as you exit the Place-d’Armes metro station and inside Place Riopelle Hall.

Pedal-powered charging stations

Rounding out the new additions at the Palais are the pedal-powered charging stations that enable visitors to charge their mobile phones while working out. These stations designed by the Montréal firm DIX au carré are a great way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, while making sure your phone never dies. Try them out at Viger Hall!

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