Les Printemps du Palais set the stage for design

Our public spaces are blooming with new vibes thanks to Les Printemps du Palais. This 100% local lineup of cultural, art- and design-driven experiences is the Palais’ way of inviting Montréalers to come rediscover their iconic convention centre through a number of initiatives strictly by artists from here.

Montréal is a city of design, and this is amply reflected in the lineup put together in tandem with MASSIVart. The Palais now houses numerous public living spaces that are serving to energize our common areas.

Îlot vert – A coworking space

It begins with a coworking space designed by Aire Commune and occupying a portion of Place Riopelle Hall, where professionals or students can meet and work. This innovatively designed area furnished with swing tables is meant to foster creativity and productivity, in a friendly lounge-like atmosphere. Equipped with power outlets, this unusual workspace will fit your needs perfectly for hosting fruitful meetings.

Stimulating ping-pong tables

Labodeco created these custom made stimulating ping-pong tables specifically for the Palais, so visitors could let loose during their coffee break. A ping-pong match among coworkers or friends is a great way to get your mind off things. You’ll find the glowing yellow tables in Place Riopelle Hall and the box office area.

Contemporary lounge furniture

And finally, the design studio Machine expertly put together this Palais-inspired multicoloured furniture in Viger Hall where the public can come relax. The small colourful compartments allow you to kick back for a spell, while interacting with others or meeting new people.

All of these public living spaces are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Why not drop by?

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