Big names, big crowds

The Palais des congrès de Montréal recently hosted some big names, which in turn drew big crowds. When the likes of Barack or Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or the Aga Khan are in town, you can count on a sizeable audience!

Michelle Obama’s speech in February drew the biggest crowd ever assembled in one room at the Palais: 10,200 people. Nearly 12,000 people gathered to hear the Aga Khan in November.Foule_003 light

Strategic security measures
Ensuring the safety of such high-profile speakers is naturally a top priority. The key to doing it successfully resides in the different police forces and the event organizers working together. When everyone’s needs are attended to and operations are coordinated accordingly, things unfold as planned logistically.

Crowd management
The other challenge for events like these is managing the crowd. Everyone attending must go through a security screening, have their tickets validated, and find their seats – all within a very short time span. Good communication and attentive service are essential here for the experience to be a memorable one for all participants.

The U.S. Secret Service saluted the work of the Palais security team for the security plan they drafted and deployed when the American dignitaries visited.

Each event, big or small, needs to be meticulously planned and deserves our attention so that it can live up to the expectations of those organizing it, and participating in it.

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