A rewarding meeting with the hotel and hospitality community

The Palais des congrès de Montréal invited the executive directors and sales and marketing managers from member hotels of the Hotel Association of Greater Montréal (AHGM), as well as management personnel from Tourisme Montréal and the Palais, to the very first Convention Industry Round Table ever organized in Montréal. Held on December 11, the purpose of the meeting was to demystify what the Palais does and how it operates, and also to give the various tourism industry partners an opportunity to share information in order to optimize cooperation.

We surveyed these high-level players from the business tourism sector after the meeting, and the response shows they are committed to working together to attract even more major events, which will benefit both Montréal and the province. The feedback also indicates they truly valued the inaugural meeting of the Round Table and the content that was shared. So much so, they will be meeting again in the spring. The Round Table will convene quarterly.

Among the many comments and ideas we received, here are some aimed at facilitating attracting more conferences:

  • Preparing for the positive repercussions of the Palais expansion project, should it go ahead;
  • Continuing to expand on the customer experience in order to remain competitive;
  • Continuing to spotlight Montréal’s attractions in a coordinated effort with other key industry players;
  • Firmly pursuing innovation, creativity and experience creation as a means of standing out;
  • Consistently touching base with the hotel and hospitality community and other partners, and involving them in the strategies and tactics being rolled out;
  • Rethinking some of the Palais’ venues to render them even friendlier, more welcoming.

Over and above these, the Palais is also working on a host of innovative projects we’ll be telling you about soon. Stay tuned, our new CEO’s vision is taking shape quickly!